Your Trusted Laboratory

For many businesses, sampling is the most important and time-crucial element of their environmental monitoring program. Our team of laboratory specialists conduct sampling and an extensive range of field and laboratory testing for waters, air, and soils, including fast turnaround times for sediment basin testing, provided on-site if needed. 

  • Purpose built laboratory 

  • Developed a unique suite of water tests that delivers results in under two hours 



  • NATA accredited and traceable to the International Standard ISO 17025  

  • Environment Protection Authority (EPA) approved for sampling and testing 

Air Quality

Community sensitivity to air quality management is increasing. VGT can provide a range of air quality monitoring solutions that include Australian Standards, EPA approved procedures, and real-time monitors. Sampling and testing services include deposited dust gauges, high and low volume air samplers, and sourcing and installation of real-time monitors.

Weather station installation and monitoring

VGT provide a comprehensive cost-effective weather station monitoring solution for your site that will meet the general requirements of meteorological monitoring. We supply and install commercially-available, userfriendly systems on your site to ensure a compliant location for weather monitoring and provide up to the minute data to help manage issues in a proactive manner such as dust suppression and water management due to rain events on your premises. 

Groundwater monitoring

VGT has extensive experience in the design and execution of a robust and meaningful groundwater monitoring programs. We conduct onsite sampling and monitoring to prescribed standards and handle all the testing requirements utilising our in-house laboratory and external suppliers. All results are conveniently summarised in one report.

Drinking water supply testing

If you are in the construction industry and need to cut into a residential main supply, some water authorities now require you to do water quality tests. VGT can conduct the majority of the testing onsite and provide results within the day of sampling (with the exception of microbiological testing) to help progress your works along without delay.


Chemical Consulting

VGT don’t just provide numbers, we take the next
step and provide clients with an understanding of
where the results lie in the context of the surrounding
environment, compliance status or classifications.
We have experience in providing consulting solutions
that include:

  • Determining the appropriate waste classification
    or resource exemption for soils before and after
  • Potential treatments for sediment dams
  • Turbidity versus total suspended solids

Data Management

VGT can assist with providing and maintaining
proactive digital tools to allow management of your
site in accordance with changing climatic conditions
in real time. We have experience with various weather
stations, bore loggers, and air quality monitors that
are capable of connecting to the Internet of Things,
allowing predictive actions to prevent potential
compliance breaches.

Data management tools also include interpretation
of trends, comparison to limits and objectives, and
collation of time sensitive monitoring parameters.

VGT is constantly increasing our service offering and accreditation to meet an expanding market. View our accreditations here.