Sampling is the most important part of any environmental monitoring program.  If a sample is not representative of the whole body being monitored, then the results reported on that sample mean very little.  Poor sampling techniques can jeopardise the validity of all testing, whether surface or groundwaters, air, or soils.

VGT can undertake your sampling in a cost– and time-effective manner.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) requires that all collection, handling and preservation of environmental samples is carried out to Australia Standards.  For surface and groundwaters, the group of standards covering sampling and testing is AS 5667.  The ambient air standards have been updated from the AS 2922, and have been renumbered as AS 3580 series.  

VGT can also train your staff in correct sampling techniques and organise a courier service for fast pickup and delivery. 

VGT are NATA accredited to these Australian Standards for sampling of groundwaters, surface waters and static dust gauges, so you can be assured of full regulatory compliance.  Our technicians are also accredited to perform essential testing on-site to allow the fastest possible turn-around times.  Search for VGT as a Facility name on NATA's website for more details.

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